Taking the Photo

Some tricks and tips for taking a better photo


You can do HDR

screenshot15If you like my style of photography then the main thing you need to learn is the process I use called HDR to create a majority of my photo’s. Creating a HDR image really is not very hard and you can do it too! All you need to be armed with is a little knowledge, so check out my tutorials on how to take your bracketed shots and then see how I use Photomatix to process them into a HDR image. You will find what you need on THIS PAGE

Using a ND filter

screenshot16ND stands for ‘Neutral Density’, basically, and ND filter is something you put in front of your lens that will reduce the amount of light coming into your lens without changing or effecting the colours, sort of like sunglasses for your camera. Some ND filters are ‘graduated’, so they may be clear at one end and gradually become tinted at the other end. These are good for shooting landscape images as the sky is normally much brighter than the ground, a graduated ND filter fixes this (a good alternative to HDR). Check out my page on using a ND filter HERE

Taking a Photo through glass

Whenever you try to take a photo through glass you will probably be menaced by the reflection gremlins… they’re like ghosts… very hard to spot but will definitely turn up when you get back to your PC and take a closer look at your pics. I have written a guide on what stuff you need and how to set up your next photo shoot through glass, you can check it out HERE.

What ‘mode’ do I shoot in

Understanding-Shooting-Modes-of-DSLRs-Nikon-ModesIf you’re like me, you have probably paid good money for a camera that has a lot of manual functions… Learning how to use the different modes will give you creative control over your camera. You too can be the dial guru and impress all of your friends with your dial knowledge… on a serious note, if you know your modes and what they do… you WILL take better photos so check out my page on Shooting Modes HERE

Understanding Exposure

I call it the Bermuda Triangle of Photography because it’s where every new photographer gets lost. Learning the relationship between Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO will help you take better photo’s! CLICK HERE to learn more (make yourself a cuppa… there is a lot to cover)


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