Photography Gear

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Tripod and head

Choosing the right tripod and head is important. You want a tripod that is going to support your camera and lens collection. If you only have a smaller set up then you will get away with a smaller tripod and head. For my main tripod I use a Really Right Stuff TVC-33, except when I want to travel light, then I take my Benro Travel Angel.

Really Right Stuff TVC-33 Tripod – My favourite tripod ever! I know, it’s a big call but this tripod is awesome. Check out my TVC-33 page here.

Really Right Stuff BH-55 Ball Head – This head is so well engineered it is a piece of art in it’s own right.

Benro Travel Angel – A much smaller and lighter carbon fibre tripod, great for when I want to travel light.

Manfrotto 055xproB with 486RC2 head – This is my old setup that my TVC-33 has replaced. It is sitting in the back of the cupboard collecting dust. I did a quick review of the 486RC2 head that you should read if you’re thinking about getting one.

L-Brackets – An ‘L’ bracket is a bracket that is permanently mounted onto your camera, making it easy to switch from Landscape to Portrait orientation without moving your tripod head. I use the Really Right Stuff L Bracket on my D800 and a Markins L Bracket on my Hassalblad Xpan. I am waiting for RRS to make one for the Fuji X-E1.


Camera Bags & Straps

Choosing the right bag is not an easy task. I don’t know too many photographers that have just one bag. I find that there are times when I just need a smaller bag as I am not taking all my lenses and stuff, then there are the times when I just don’t want to leave anything behind so I need something bigger. I am a big fan of the Lowepro bags but recently bought a little Think Tank bag and it is well made too.

Lowepro Vertex 200aw Backpack – this is a BIG bag, and I can fit pretty much all my stuff in here when I am travelling, and it fits nicely in the overhead on an aircraft. You can see a ‘what’s in my bag’ video and a list of what I fit in it on my Lowepro Vertex Page.

Lowepro Inverse 200aw Belt Pack – This is the photographers ‘bum bag’. It is a great bag for a day trip or when I want to travel light. I fit my D800 with two lenses and a few bits and bobs in it. I really like this bag and use it the most.

Black Rapid RS5 Cargo Strap – I think this is the strap of the future. If your camera strap is a pain in the neck (literally) then check out my Black Rapid review here.


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