So where do I start, and do you really want to know about me?? It seems like a strange page to have on a blog, and I see so many with an ABOUT ME page so I thought… “I should have one too!”


I guess you want to peer into my life, and get to know me a little so you can decide whether or not to follow my blog… maybe you’re not comfortable with making such a commitment until you know a little more about me. Maybe you’re just nosey, maybe that’s why you visited the about me page… or maybe you’re writing your own blog and thought… “what the heck do I put on the about me page, I had better check out some other peoples about me pages and see what they’re up to”. Whatever the reason, welcome!

It all started when I was a teenager, I can’t even remember why I bought a camera, I just wanted one… I got my first SLR camera before digital cameras even existed! I remember buying it from Cash Converters, I would have been about 17 and it took almost  a months’ wages to pay for it! I fell in love with the flexibility of the SLR camera and have been shooting on and off for 20+ years now! You can check out my current line up of camera’s here. Up until recently, I wasn’t passionate about any particular style of photography. 2012 has seen me falling in love with HDR (High Dynamic Range, you will find my tutorial for HDR here) and Landscape photography. About 90% of my photos are HDR, to achieve this I take at least 3 different exposures of the same scene then blend them together, giving me something close to what the human eye sees.

The reason I started this blog was to have my own gallery to display my photo’s and to give me a reason to get the camera out more often, in the film days we would print our photo’s and place them in an album, I have thousands of images on my hard drive and although the digital photo frame is clever, it wasn’t the same thing. I have created an album on flickr you can check out if you just want to flick through all my images and have a look.

If you like any of my pics and you want to order a print for yourself you can by visiting this site OR, you should be able to click on any image in this blog and it will redirect you directly to a page where you can hit the ‘add to cart’ button, I will monitor all orders and make sure the highest resolution photo is used for your print, I have helped you by picking the best dimensions for you… you may be asked to crop the image but it will be a minor crop… the good news is I monitor every order personally to make sure you get the highest quality possible.

Thanks for dropping by and if you like what you see, subscribe to my blog, or like my facebook page and you will get a daily dose of my photojourney!




All images are creative commons, non-commercial, and that means you can also use any of my images for free on your blog and fun sites like Facebook etc. But you MUST

1. Give Credit to Ben Fewtrell

2. Provide a link back to www.onthreelegs.com

For commercial use please check out my Licensing page for more info on copyright licensing.



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