All of these pages are a work in progress, that is to say, that if you check back now and then you’re likely to see new stuff… I use the term ‘review’ loosely as I am not a guru or expert on all things photography. What I will do is give you my opinion and feedback on stuff I have used and currently use. By the way, I only write about the stuff I actually use. I don’t get paid to write it and I am not endorsed by any particular manufacturer (Although I do love my Nikons!) If a company send me something for free, whether to keep or just for a limited time to review, I will let you know that is the case, otherwise, I usually write something when you ask me about it (I get a lot of requests/questions about what I use).

I have broken this section into 4 groups to make it easier to navigate and find what you’re looking for.

Camera’s I use – In here you will find info about the camera’s I use or have used. I don’t go into any of the technical mumbo jumbo, you can find that stuff all over the internet like a mad woman’s lunch box…

Cool gadgets and other stuff – Photography is one of those hobbies where we get to buy lots of cool gadgets and stuff… that’s right… stuff! This section is for anything that does not fit into the other more straightforward catagories.

Photography gear and the likes – Tripods, Bags, Filters etc. The essentials.

Software I use – Here you get to see my thoughts on any software I use, or tried and didn’t like.

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One thought on “Reviews

  1. I do like my 50mm also, but the crop factor on my ceamra limits it’s usability on most HDR shots. However, the shots I have used with it were GREAT, at least in my mind!October 25, 2010 12:33 pm

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