Cool Gadgets

All my other cool gadgets and stuff


Pixel RW-221 Wireless Remote – After several of the Nikon MC-30 remotes failed on me, I thought I would try one of the ‘cheapies’ on eBay. This remote is AWESOME and it only cost $20. For more info Check out my review . Ps. I also have a couple of tips on my Pixel Remote page that will save you having the same problems I had…


swivlThe Swivl – This device turns your iPhone into your personal cameraman. A very cool gadget… see it in action and read about it here.




greencubeThe Little Green Cube – I get more questions about this than any of my other gear… and it only cost $5! It slides into the hot shoe of my camera (where the flash normally sits) and has a couple of bubbles in it so I can make sure everything is level… I know I know… there is a virtual horizon in my D800… but I find this way quicker and more fun to use.. and for $5 is one of the best value gadgets I have ever bought. I got mine on eBay – Click Here to find one for yourself


Photography Website – I needed an online shop to display and sell my images. I decided to use Photomerchant and have found them to be pretty good. You can check out my website here.


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