Post Processing

Take the shot and give it a little ‘pizazz’

I am a big fan of post processing my photo’s… some photographers will have you believe that post processing is some evil practice that is destroying the art of photography… I doubt there would be many photographers around the world that did not at least sharpen, crop or increase the contrast a tad before they published their image to the world… so don’t feel like you have three heads just because you want to use photoshop or try a little HDR… it’s okay… we have a support group here for you!

Using Photomatix to create HDR

I love HDR, there is something cool about making a photo that is similar to what I saw when I was there… HDR stands for ‘High Dynamic Range’ and is the process of taking several shots to capture all the available light information so you can squeeze it all back into one single image with software. I have created a page with a couple of videos of me using Photomatix to create HDR images, CLICK HERE to go to the other side… 


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